Mr. & Mrs. Foley along with the ADAPT examiners wish to congratulate all ADAPT examination studios and teachers who have entered their students into the examination process this past fall, winter and early spring.  So far the exam results this dance season have been outstanding.  The dance season is not over.  We are now entering our late spring sessions and look forward to the same standards of exam excellence.  We also congratulate the ADAPT Pacific/Asia Examination Studios.  Red Shoes Dance Company in Hong Kong and Flamingo Studios in Jakarta.  Well done teachers and students! 

T.T.S. 2014   

1st Year
July 14 - 20, 2014
2nd Year
July 17 - 23, 2014
3rd Year
July 20 - 24, 2014

Registration and information for T.T.S. 2014 is now available online.



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Dance Teachers, Dance Professionals and Dance Students

ADAPT- Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers. The ADAPT dance syllabus teaching tools, encourage and trains senior dancers and/or assistant teachers interested in becoming professional dance teachers. The ADAPT Syllabus is the defacto dance industry standard of qualification for dance professionals.

Dance Syllabus - an outline and summary of dance topics and dance techniques converged in one complete training program.

ADAPT is a dance certification system for teachers to teach and train dancers of all ages. This dance syllabus helps all dance teachers and dance assistants learn how to motivate and guide dancers to create a solid platform of technique and performance.

ADAPT'ing For The Future!

ADAPT is proud to introduce our "next step" into the future.  Presenting our new and exciting


In ADAPT's continual commitment to bringing the very best in technical training methods and teaching tools to all ADAPT Certified teachers, we are introducing a new on-line subscription opportunity that will allow teachers to log into our custom designed "syllabus website", where you may watch, review and reinforce any level/division of the ADAPT Syllabus where ever you are, when ever you want and as many times as you need to.

On any device, you may instantly view on video, any syllabus set work and/or review any technical information you may require.  Even while teaching or preparing classes.  The syllabus subscription is for one year and is renewable, each and every year after.

The new www.adapting.ca syllabus subscription website is now in the final phases of completion and should be up and running on-line for subscription sign-up and purchase after July 15, 2014.  This subscription offer is only available to ADAPT Certified Teachers and the subscription begins the day you sign-up.

This subscription opportunity is not intended to replace already purchased syllabus.  Syllabus products will still be available for purchase on-line, but the ADAPT Syllabus Subscription will allow you to view any and all of the set syllabus work, along with many extra perks!  These perks include all syllabus updates and revision, a  dance combination of the month, examiner's teaching tips, technique video demonstrations and related dance technique information.  Plus much more!  All this for one affordable fee, for a full teaching year!

Sound exciting?  Stay tuned for more information and subscription opportunity throughout the next four weeks.


Have you registered for T.T.S. 2014?  Registration is available online. 


Now is the time for all interested advance students or assistant teachers to register for the new  ADAPT "Assistant Teacher's Program".

This program will offer senior students and assistant teachers, 15 to 18 years old, the opportunity to focus on the needs to bring quality assistance into the teacher and/or studio owner's dance classes.  It is a three day certification course and will include a freestyle class each day along with assistant teacher training seminars.  ADAPT examiners Janet Venn Jackson and Barb Jackman have developed a motivating and informative program outline for this wonderful assistant teacher opportunity.  The course fee is $350.00.  This does not include hotel or transportation but does include transportation from the host hotel to the PDA studios and back to the host hotel each day, for those who require it.  Registration will be limited for this program.  Don't delay, register today! 

2014 Registration for ATP along with fee payment is now available online through this website.


The ADAPT endorsed acro/dance certification program is available again this summer at T.T.S. 2014.  For more information, registration and Acrobatique certification opportunities please click on the Acrobatique link.