Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teacher

"Setting standards for quality dance technique training"


ADAPT is an Internationally renowned "DANCE TEACHING SYLLABUS" for Dance Teachers, Dance Professionals and Dance Students

ADAPT- The ADAPT Syllabus is the leader in dance industry qualification for dance teacher professionals.

ADAPT is a dance certification system for teachers to teach and train dancers of all ages. This dance syllabus helps all dance teachers and dance assistants learn how to motivate and guide dancers to create a solid platform of technique and performance.

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"Six" Top Reasons why ADAPT Teachers should buy the ADAPT Syllabus Subscription:

1.    An All Access Pass to everything "ADAPT"!

2.    A front row seat to many tutorials, combinations and lectures from Brian & Faye Foley!

3.    Full access to all of the ADAPT Syllabus content in both Jazz and Tap genres!

4.    Free syllabus updates added automatically to your account during your annual subscription term!

5.    Access to all the site has to offer from any computer, tablet or mobile device!

6.    The site combines the best of both the DVDs and syllabus books in one convenient, portable location!


In ADAPT's continual commitment to excellence, we bring the very best in technical training methods and teaching tools to all ADAPT Certified teachers, examination studio owners and T.T.S. attendees.  We encourage the ADAPT on-line subscription opportunity that will allow teachers to log into our custom designed "syllabus website", where you may watch, review and reinforce any level/division of the ADAPT Syllabus where ever you are, when ever you want and as many times as you need to.

The syllabus subscription is for one year and is renewable, each and every year after.  This opportunity is not intended to replace already purchased syllabus.  Syllabus products will still be available for purchase on-line, but the ADAPT Syllabus Subscription will allow you to view any and all of the set syllabus work, along with many extra perks!  These perks include all syllabus updates and revision, a  dance combination of the month, examiner's "helpful hints", technique video demonstrations and related dance technique information.  Plus much more!  All this for one affordable fee of $299.00 for a full year's subscription!

To subscribe click here or log onto:    www.adaptsyllabus.training