ATP News Release

To Our ADAPT Community,

Because of the coronavirus pandemic all dance students and families are facing now and in the immediate future, the ADAPT “Assistant Teachers’ Program” this July 6th – 8th, will be presented and taught ONLINE.

Working with Miss Barb and the ADAPT team we are developing an exciting three-day program presented through Live Zoom webinars, training videos and “interactive” conference meetings.

YES, for this year we are going digital/virtual and ATP, will all be ONLINE!

This means if you live in different areas of the country, ATP attendees will not have to pay air travel, hotel or out of pocket expenses this summer. You can attend your ATP course in your own space from home.


More information regarding the course outline for each year, including the times and how to join your classes will be forthcoming. We know there will be lots of questions and Miss

Barb and our ADAPT team will reach out to all registered students before the course begins to discuss what to expect and how we will implement the ATP courses for you over the three days.

We will also hold a class rehearsal for all student attendees before your ATP course begins.

Although online training will never replace the wealth you gain by participating in class, please know you will receive the same great information and motivation “to become a better assistant teacher” from Miss Barb along with guest teacher “free style” classes each day. More specific information for all students will follow very shortly.

Registration for ATP is available on our website: