Jean Neveu

Jean is an accomplished dance educator who as been teaching for the past 30 years, molding students of all ages in North America in the art of dance. He is a graduate of the ADAPT (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers) TTS program and a full member with the BATD (British Association Teachers of Dance). As a former student of Toronto’s Ryerson University Theater Dance Program, he had the opportunity to train under the tutelage of Nadia Potts, Karen Duplisea, Stelio Calagias and Vicki St-Denys. During that period, he performed for many choreographers such as Danny Grossman, Timothy Spain, Vicki St Denys to name a few.

Upon his return to Ottawa, he has taught dance in many elementary and secondary schools as well as many studios in the Ottawa and surrounding area. He then continued his training in contemporary dance with Le Groupe de la Place Royale under the direction of Peter Boneham, where he performed for such choreographers as Yvonne Coutts, Susie Burpee, Meaghan O’Shea and Anik Bouvrette. Some of his performing accomplishments include some television shows and such venues as ‘The Canada Dance Festival’, ‘Dance Advance’, ‘The National Art Centre’ to name a few.

Jean is an accomplished choreographer and dance educator that continues to pass on his knowledge and passion of dance to all of his students and continues to enrich is versatile repertoire through workshops, conventions and seminars throughout Canada and the United States. Jean is very honoured to have been given the opportunity of becoming an examiner with ADAPT.