T.T.S. 2022

Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers is proud to announce the ADAPT Teacher’s Training School program is now being offered as a Two Year (semester) Program.

YES, you may now become an ADAPT Certified Teacher in two years.

The Two Semester program will offer the same excellence in technique training and syllabus requirements as the 3-year semester program.

Each semester will be held over 10 days with one day off during each semester.

Teachers attending will graduate at the end of the 2nd semester.

The new T.T.S. 2022 fee structure will be as follows:

First semester fees due (July 2022) are $1,350.00 

Second semester fees due (July 2023) are $1,350.00

A $350.00 deposit on registering for T.T.S. 2022 First semester, and the balance of $1,000.00 may be payable in two installments – August 26th and September 23rd, 2022. 


If you were a first year T.T.S. attendee in 2021, you have the option to graduate after your 3rd year semester in 2023 or have the option of completing your certification and graduate in July of 2022.

If you choose the option to graduate next July of 2022, it would mean completing both semesters two and three, 11 days of training at one time. 

The fees for years 2 and 3 would not change from your original joining T.T.S. in 2021. 

If you choose the 2-year option, a $250.00 deposit for each semester would be required and all home study and class teaching must be completed before July 2022.

Contact Andrea Foley (andrea@adaptsyllabus.com) for more information on this opportunity.