TTS News Release

To Our ADAPT Community,

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and global pandemic, ADAPT, together with Signature Dance Inc. are taking very courageous, positive and exciting steps to help all T.T.S. Teachers successfully move forward to join 1st Year, return for 2nd Year or complete 3rd Year T.T.S. training this July.

Since the Federal Health Department and Provincial Health Departments have had to put numerous demands on our daily lifestyles, dance studio owners have had to make decisions regarding their business operations and for the time being these decisions are putting many dance teachers out of work. Therefore, money issues become stressful and at times appear almost unsolvable.

Please know ADAPT has your back and is willing to work with all dance teachers who wish to attend T.T.S. 2020.

Because of the coronavirus hardships both teachers and studio owners have had to overcome, the Teacher’s Training School program this July 6 – 16, will be presented and taught ONLINE.

Strategically developed, Live Zoom webinars and conference meetings will be presented each day of your registered T.T.S. course. YES, for this year we are going digital/virtual and Year 1, Year 2 and Graduation 3rd Year, will all be ONLINE!

For any teacher requiring further financial assistance, ADAPT will defer the balance of your T.T.S. fee (after paying the deposit) until September 24, 2020. By then, hopefully, all dance teachers will be back to work!


More information regarding the course outline for each year, including the times and how to join your classes will be forthcoming. We know there will be lots of questions and ADAPT will reach out to all registered attendees before the courses begin to discuss what to expect and how we will implement the T.T.S. courses for you day by day.

We will also hold a class rehearsal for each year attendees before your T.T.S. training courses begin.

Although online training will never replace the wealth you gain by participating in class, please know you will receive the same great “how to teach, when to teach and why to teach” technique lectures and motivation from Mr. Foley, the same great technique syllabus classes from Mrs. Foley, Janet Venn Jackson and Barb Jackman along with guest teacher “free style” classes each day. More specific information for all attendees will follow very shortly.


ADAPT’s commitment to provide a training program for dance teachers to become more qualified and ADAPT Certified is our on-going mission. We want every dance teacher attending T.T.S. to experience the best T.T.S. can offer and Mr. & Mrs. Foley, along with the entire ADAPT team, are working courageously to present an online T.T.S. program that will meet your expectations.

We encourage all dance teachers to be positive, to continue to support the excellent standard of dance ADAPT represents and to allow yourself the opportunity for continual learning.

ADAPT T.T.S. teachers “develop the eye to see the difference”, “learn the knowledge to teach the difference” and “share their passion to make a difference”!

Registration for T.T.S. is available on our website: