Training School

July 15 - 24, 2024

Develop the eye to see the difference! Learn the knowledge to teach the difference! Motivate the passion to make a difference!

The ADAPT "Teacher's Training School" program is to encourage and train senior dancers and assistant teachers who are interested in becoming professional "dance teachers" as well as existing dance teachers who are already teaching and are interested in improving their teaching skills and earning their "ADAPT Certification".

Teachers Training School is a graduating, nine-day intensive "learn to teach dance" course held each summer for two consecutive years.

It is a progressive two year ONLINE program and participants are expected to attend both semesters in order to achieve their "ADAPT TEACHER’S CERTIFICATE". Attendees must be 18 years of age or older.

Proper Technique Training

ADAPT will introduce the knowledge to teach the required techniques for each age level. We will help to develop the “eye” to see the difference and improve personal skills to communicate the “how to do” for better technical excellence.

The Dance Class

Training combinations and progressives across the floor will be introduced to enhance your class plans and support better style, performance with quality technique.

Syllabus Work

Required technique and set syllabus work for the all divisions and levels, will be included as part of T.T.S. training.

ADAPT Strategies

Seminars will introduce the “secrets” of the ADAPT technique strategies and formulas to help develop stronger technique and more versatile dancers for the future.

Graduation Ceremony

In celebration for 2 years of hard work, a professionally produced virtual “Graduation Ceremony” will be presented for all graduates. Family and friends are also invited to view the on-line celebration.

T.T.S. Educators

Brian Foley

Master Educator

Faye Foley

Master Educator

Janet Venn Jackson

T.T.S. Principal

Barb Jackman

Senior Educator

Ryan Foley

Senior Educator

T.T.S. Pricing

1st Year
July 15 – 24, 2024

Dance Technique Strategies

Planning Your Dance Class

Focusing on the Junior and early Pre-Intermediate 6 – 12 years old student

Pre-Junior and Junior Levels of Syllabus work

Pre-Intermediate One/Two Levels of Syllabus work

Progressive Training Ideas

Pre-Intermediate technical requirements

Guest Teacher workshops

Personal class teaching assessment

Motivational seminars

2nd Year
July 15 – 24, 2024

Technique and Achieving Personal Potential for the Senior Student

Focusing on the 12 year and older students

Introducing and reviewing the Pre-Intermediate Two/Three Levels of Syllabus work

Reviewing the Intermediate set work for all levels

Coaching your senior dancer

Guest teacher workshop classes

Personal class teaching assessment

Motivational seminars